• Statseeker monitors every device on the WAN and LAN
  • Polling interfaces every 60 seconds
  • Low bandwidth utilization
  • Minimal impact on your network
  • Monitors inventory information, collects Netflow, syslog, SNMP traps and UPS
  • 1 second diagnostic SNMP poller
  • Trouble shooting capacity for individual interfaces by on-demand 1 second interface polling for bps
  • Self maintains with automated rewalks

This data and more is easy to view, simple to configure and manage – the dashboards provide an abstraction layer to the network – making it easy to identify trends and hot spots on the network instantly.

The dashboards help network professionals by providing a high level overview of key metrics and performance indicators including SLA performance.

Dashboards are group aware, allowing you to create a representation of the network that you want to see.

Dashlets auto-refresh individually based on data source, enabling customers to create real-time NOC dashboards that span the last 5 minutes, last hour or last 90 days.

With Dashboards you can even add multiple clocks for all the timezones you are responsible for, or add external webpages/URLs or links.

Each Dashboard includes a mouse over function on dashlets to provide a detailed drill down to the raw metrics.

You can even customize with your own logo and be up and running in no time:

  • Installed on a single server as an appliance
  • Up and running within minutes
  • Low impact discovery method
  • Discovering a network of 600,000 interfaces in less than an hour
  • User based access control
  • User Authentication can be integrated to Active Directory
  • Providing total visibility across the entire network infrastructure
  • From a 64bit single server requiring no new equipment or additional pollers