Future Publishing


Future Publishing was founded in the UK in 1985. Today the Future Network publishes over 80 magazines worldwide and has extensive online activities. Future also license 39 titles to publishing partners in a further 27 countries. Future employs over 1,000 people in offices in the UK, US, France and Italy. The company was floated on the London Stock Exchange in June 1999 (symbol FNET).

Future were looking for an easy to use, low cost solution to network and server monitoring problems.

“In short, of the products we tested, we feel confident we have made the right choice with Statseeker.”

In Statseeker, Future found a product which not only monitors uptime of products, but also gives accurate and easily digestible picture of data transmitted through the network. This data can be calculated in terms of bytes as well as just packets which makes interpretation of reports far easier. Reporting functionality for trending purposes was also at the top of Future’s requirements list and with Statseeker they have found it much easier to predict where bottlenecks are likely to appear before actually doing so.

University of York


The University of York, founded in 1963, has more than 10,000 students, 2800 staff, and over 30 academic departments and research centres on two campuses.

The University network plays a key role in teaching, research,and administration, and the Computing Service use a number of tools to monitor and manage it. Statseeker brings much of this functionality together in one package, making it easier to identify trends, and in some cases calling attention to subtleties that might otherwise not be immediately noticed. Its “blanket coverage” not only makes it easer to answer the question “what just happened”, but highlights areas needing attention before they become urgent.

Peterborough College


Prior to the installation of Statseeker , the College had used various applications to monitor the network and gather traffic statistics. Statseeker is now the primary monitoring and statistical tool for the College network. As well as alerting us to problems in real-time, it provides us with statistics on service up-time and network traffic levels across the LAN , I.E. every port on every switch and every interface on every router that, prior to its installation, we simply couldn’t get. It has proved very reliable, easy to configure and simple to use, yet has given us more functionality than the collection of applications we had been using.

Flintshire County Council


Flintshire County Council a Welsh Unitary Authority manages and supports a County wide network that extends to 140 locations including Council Offices, Education facilities and Public access sites such as Libraries and Community Centres. Network support staff from the Council required a network monitoring tool that could monitor the performance of the network down to port level. It was essential that the monitoring tool was easy to deploy, manage, maintain and use.

Statseeker provides, amongst others, real-time alerts for equipment down-time, statistical information of service up-time and network utilisation across all links and network ports.

Using Statseeker has enabled the Council to accurately plan for future expansion of the network, assess network performance and to implement new technologies running over the network without affecting the performance of existing systems.

New College Nottingham


New College Nottingham is a major education provider being one of the largest FE colleges in the UK with over 12 sites serving around 30,000 students in the Nottingham area.
We provide wired, wireless, IP Telephony, embedded ILT, buildings and security controls, public travel booths etc, we need around the clock up-time to support our distance learning portal.

In all, a complex network with many challenges, not the least being the limitation on manpower resource to look after the infrastructure.
Statseeker was a clear winner – fast, robust, with a simple user interface allowing the ‘Blanket Network Monitoring’ of approx 9,000 ports.

It’s all so intuitive, exceptionally easy to use yet so powerful. It pinpoints the issues very quickly allowing me to expend the effort where it is really needed. With trending and planning opportunities I actually have some pro-active time clawed back from the re-active. A major spin-off is that it will help us as we move towards providing SLA’s for our customers and service providers.
We have already saved time and money in not upgrading bandwidth for a new rollout of XP etc, as we are now able to see what we are using and plan for growth.

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