Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer

A comprehensive NetFlow, sFlow, and alternative flow capture tool
Reports on which hosts, applications, protocols, etc. that are consuming network bandwidth.

Custom NetFlow Reports allow you to filter (include/exclude) in on exactly the information you need. They can be saved and run again later.
Ranges of ports, applications and IP addresses
ToS or DSCP values, Autonomous Systems, TCP Flags, etc.
Multiple interfaces from different routers/switches
Set thresholds with Flow Analytics
Permissions can be applied as well
Provides 24 hours worth of data or years of data with Flow Analytics.

Take the NetFlow Challenge for all of the details.

Commercial Features
Central Interface: offers a distributed solution that scales to enterprise level networks

Service Provider Module:
Set permissions per interface per login
Set permissions per router/switch per login
Customizable bandwidth monitoring for invoicing over usage

Flow Analytics:
Saves unlimited amounts of past NetFlow data, even raw flows for as long as necessary… Years!
Adds several additional traffic analysis Report Types (e.g. Flows, Flow Volume, NBAR Support, etc.).
Algorithms perform Network Behavior Analysis on all flows across all routers / switches.
Top (applications, hosts, flows, countries, domains, etc.) across all routers / switches.
Constantly resolving all IP addresses.
Uses saved Scrutinizer Reports to monitor for threshold violations.

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Scrutinizer assisted us instantly by helping us identify top talkers throughout the network, who they were talking to, and what they were doing. The graphical interface made analyzing NetFlow much easier, and presented the information so well it was an easy sell to management. Thanks Plixer! You rock! William, Cimarex Energy Co read more