Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer

A comprehensive NetFlow, sFlow, and alternative flow capture tool, with reports on which hosts, applications, protocols, etc. that are consuming network bandwidth. Custom NetFlow Reports allow you to filter (include/exclude) in on exactly the information you need.

They can be saved and run again later:

  • Ranges of ports, applications and IP addresses
  • ToS or DSCP values, Autonomous Systems, TCP Flags, etc.
  • Multiple interfaces from different routers/switches
  • Set thresholds with Flow Analytics
  • Permissions can be applied as well
  • Provides 24 hours worth of data or years of data with Flow Analytics.

Commercial Features

The Central Interface offers a distributed solution that scales to enterprise level networks

Service Provider Module:

  • Set permissions per interface per login
  • Set permissions per router/switch per login
  • Customizable bandwidth monitoring for invoicing over usage



Flow Analytics

  • Saves unlimited amounts of past NetFlow data, even raw flows for as long as necessary… Years!
  • Adds several additional traffic analysis Report Types (e.g. Flows, Flow Volume, NBAR Support, etc.).
  • Algorithms perform Network Behavior Analysis on all flows across all routers / switches.
  • Top (applications, hosts, flows, countries, domains, etc.) across all routers / switches.
  • Constantly resolving all IP addresses.
  • Uses saved Scrutinizer Reports to monitor for threshold violations.


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