What is Statseeker?

Statseeker is highly scalable, industrial strength, network infrastructure monitoring software. Statseeker is one consolidated product that has been completely engineered from the ground up to be incredibly easy to install, unbelievably easy to use and astonishingly easy to maintain.

The Statseeker Difference

  • SNMP monitoring of Network Interfaces, NBAR, IP SLA, Traps, CPU, Memory, Temperature, Printers, UPS, etc
  • Unlimited NetFlow, sFlow and LAN traffic collectors
  • One PC based server scales up to 600,000 network interfaces
  • No need for additional pollers
  • Effortless software as an appliance installation (Approx 7 minutes)
  • Device configuration is performed in minutes
  • User customized alerting and reports
  • Date is stored in UTC and reported in any user specified time zone
  • Historical data is never rolled up and kept online forever
  • Web browser user interface
  • Low impact on the network

Is Statseeker Right For You?

Statseeker’s 600 strong customer base spans many industries including Goverment, Military, Banking, Education, Manufacturing, Aviation, Telecommunications, Retail Outlets, Publishing, Automotive and Health to name a few. The bottom line is that Statseeker is designed to monitor the largest and most complex networks on the planet, but our easy to install and use philosophy coupled with our aggressive pricing makes Statseeker the simple choice for any business with a network of 1,000 network interfaces to 600,000 network interfaces in size. We have a free trial of the Statseeker network monitoring software available, so that you can see if it is the right software for you.

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