Triplecomm Ltd was formed in February 1991 and delivers a wide range of products and services focused on providing network installation services, network trouble shooting, network reporting, and network monitoring solutions for large scale enterprises within the United Kingdom.

Our clients span many industries including Education, Health, Publishing, Transport, Financial and Local Government.

The network performance monitoring solutions that we offer incorporate leading edge products with first class services to deliver on the promise of absolute customer satisfaction.


We have a dedicated Installation and Technical Support team, who install systems around the world. Members of the team have previously worked in research and are experts when it comes to knowing Statseeker and Scrutinizer systems inside and out. Having this dedicated team means your equipment is up and running in your business network as soon as possible.

Not only does this team provide installations, they also offer technical support, to ensure you can get the most out of your system.

Technical support

Our technical experts in the Installation and Technical Support team will also be on-hand post-installation if you have any questions or require any technical advice. They provide advice and guidance about setting up and configuring the equipment, how to use the system for your application, as well as other general support regarding your system.

If any difficulties arise they are available to help resolve them through remote access support or on-site visits as required.

The team also offer remote training sessions, where they can show how specific features of the hardware or software work.

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